Useful Information

Guided Tours

  Image: A tour visiting the CaveHohler Fels in Germany.

All information about guided tours, like:

L Length of tour in meters. The guided tour may be longer than the cave itself, if the path follows a tunnel more than once.
HD Height difference between highest and deepest point of tour. It may give you a hint how strenuous the tour will be.
D Duration of the tour in minutes. Be aware, that this may differ from guide to guide and depend on how big your group is and how much questions are asked.
St Steps of the path. Like the HD it is just a hint how difficult the tour will be. If the tour is suitable for disabled, it will be mentioned too
V Visitors per year.
G maximum size of groups.

Again, the dimension of the tours is given in metric units. If you have problems with meters, here is a simple calculator to get the measures in feet: