Manjang Gul

Manjang Cave - Ten Thousand Jang Cave

Useful Information

Location: At Tongkimnyong-Ri Kujwaup. 30km east of Jeju City. 50 min from Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal by intercity bus. On Jeju Island.
Open: MAR-OCT daily 9-19.
NOV-FEB daily 9-17.
Fee: Adults Won 2,200, Children (7-23) Won 1,100, Children (0-6) free, Seniors (65+) free, Disabled free.
Groups (30+): Adults Won 1,800, Children (7-23) Won 880. [2010]
Classification: ExplainLava Tube
Light: electric.
Dimension: L=8,928m, W=13m, H=15m, T=11-21°C.
Guided tours: L=800m, self guided.
Bibliography: Greg Middleton (2004): Jeju Island Lava Caves - World Heritage?, South Korea 2003. Journal of the Sydney Speleological Society 2004 Vol 48 (6) 185-199
Address: Manjang Cave, #41, Dongkimnyog-ri, Kujwa-up, Bukjeju-gun Jeju-do, Tel: +82-64-783-5412.
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28-MAR-1970 designated Natural Monument No. 98.
2007 designated Natural Heritage Site by the UNESCO.
2010 designated world geopark by the UNESCO.


Manjang Gul is called the longest lava tube of the World in numerous sources. Even if it once was true, at the moment the longest lava tube is CaveKazumura Cave, Hawai'i, USA, which is more than 65km long [2010]. Manjang Gul has a lenght of 8.9km, which is really impressing, and its rank 10 at the moment [2010].

The cave was named after its length, as Man Jang Gul means ten thousand jang long cave. Man is a special word for ten thousand and jang is about a foot, and so this is about 3km. It seems the name is from an older state of exploration and a good argument why not to name caves after their length.

Rather strange are the official explanations written on the sign at the entrance. They state the cave was 13km long. That is actually unprofessional, they add the length of various caves which are not connected. For good reason only the surveyed length of a single cave is used for statistics.

Manjang Gul is part of the longest lava tube system in the world. It measure 13,422 m in length. The main cave Manjang 8,928m, Kimnyeong Snake Cave 705m, and three lesser known caves 3,738m include Jwolgul, Batgul and Gaewusaegul are all part of this single cave system.

Having all the mysteries of the naturally formed lava tube, it ranges from 2-30m in height and 2-23, in width. It can be entered at three locations.

There is a large chunk of lava stone called Turtle Rock that looks like a thousand-year old turtle at 600m south from the second entrance. At 1,000m from the second entrance is a 7.6m tall lava pillar which was formed by lava which fell from the upper chamber of the cave down to the main cave where it solidified. At 3,800m from the main entrance are walls that resemble the wings of some great prehistoric bird.

Text cited exactly (character by character) from a sign at the main entrance of the cave.