Recke Cave

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Location: A46 exit Hemer, B7 durch Hemer bis Menden, rechts B515 Richtung Volkringhausen, am Bahnhof Binolen im Hönnetal. beim Ausflugslokal Haus Recke. (51°22'14.19"N,7°51'50.14"E)
Open: APR to OCT Mon-Sun 10-16:30.
NOV to MAR after appointment.
Fee: Adults EUR 3.50, Children EUR 2.50.
Groups: Adults EUR 2, Children EUR 1.75.
Buy tickets at the restaurant Haus Recke nearby.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst Cave Middle Devon reef limestone
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: L=2,500 m, GR: L=30 m, B=30 m.
Guided tours: L=400 m, D=30 min, V=15,000/a [200?].
Bibliography: W. Sönnecken (1966): Höhlen des Sauerlandes, Lüdenscheid 1966
Dr. Siegfried (1977): Reckenhöhle, Westfälischer Heimatbund, Münster 1977.
Address: Haus Recke, Ulrich Vanselow, Hönnetal, Binolen 1, 58802 Balve, Tel: +49-2379-209, Fax: +49-2379-293.
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spring 1888 discovered by Franz Recke.
16-AUG-1890 first guided tours.
1924 excvation of the passages completed.


The Reckenhöhle was named after its discoverer and owner Franz Recke. It is located in the lovely Hönnetal (Hönne valley) close to the ShowcaveBalver Höhle.

The light system of the cave was replaced several times during more than a century of cave tours. The switch panel of the first electric installation is today on display in the Dortmunder Museum (Museum of Dortmund). At this time the electricity was generated by a turbine.

During excavations in the cave a cave bear and mammoth teeth were found, which are on display in the Heimatmuseum Menden. The most impressive hall of the cave is the Paradies with a diameter of 30 m.