Demänovská Jaskyna Slobody

Demanovska Cave of Liberty

Useful Information

Location: In the National Nature Reserve Demanovska Valley. D1 (E50) exit Lipt. Mikuláš, follow rd. 584 south 12km.
Nizke Tatry, Dumbierske Tatry, Demanovske vrchy, cadastral area Demanovska Dolina, district Liptovsky Mikulas, Zilinsky region
Open: 15-DEC to MAY Tue-Sun 9:30 11 12:30 14
JUN to 15-SEP Tue-Sun 9-16 on the full hour
16-SEP to 15-NOV Tue-Sun 9 11 12:30 14
Fee: Short Tour: Adults 90,- SKK, Students 70,- SKK, Children (4-15) 40,- SKK. Foreign language tour (additional): Adults 60,- SKK, Students 50,- SKK, Children (4-15) 40,- SKK.
Long Tour: Adults 150,- SKK, Students 110,- SKK, Children (4-15) 70,- SKK. Foreign language tour (additional): Adults 60,- SKK, Students 50,- SKK, Children (4-15) 30,- SKK. Foto 100,- SKK, Video 200,- SKK.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave Middle Triassic limestones.
Light: electric.
Dimension: A=870m asl, L=8,355m, VR=52m, T=6.2-7.3°C
Guided tours: Tour A: L=1145m, D=60min.
Tour B: L=2150m, D=100min.
V=135,000/a [2000]
Bibliography: Ladislav Kaboš (2000): Tajomná Krása Ticha, Media Film, ISBN 80-238-5634-0
Address: Demänovská Jaskyna Slobody, 032 51 Demänovská Dolina, Tel: +421-849-5591673
Správa Slovenských Jaskýn, Hodžova 11, 031 01 Liptovský Mikuláš, +421-849-5536411, Fax: +421-849-5536311. E-mail: contact.
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1921 discovered by Alois Král.
1921 opened for the public.
1933 development and opening of additional parts.
1993 start of speleotherapy in the cave.


Demanovska Cave of Liberty was formed by the Demanovska river and has four levels. It is famous for its speleothems. Beneath normal dripstones, the cave contains numerous calcite crystals and helictites. The calcite crystals, sometimes looking like water lilies, were formed in cave lakes.

A unique experience is the music, written while the composer sat in the cave, which features in the excellent sound and light presentation.