Dom Im Berg

Useful Information

Location: Schloßberg, Graz
(47.073223, 15.436903)
Open: only during events.
Concerts: 20-23.
Clubbing: 22-07.
Fee: depends on event.
Classification: SubterraneaCellar Restaurant.
Dimension: Ar=733 m²,
Guided tours: self guided
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Dom im Berg, Schlossbergplatz 1, 8010 Graz, Tel: +43-316-8008-9014. E-mail:
As far as we know this information was accurate when it was published (see years in brackets), but may have changed since then.
Please check rates and details directly with the companies in question if you need more recent info.


1999 underground chamber renovated.
2000 opened to the public during the Landesausstellung.
2019 state-of-the-art Ambisonics sound system installed.


The Dom im Berg (Dome in the Mountain) is despite the name not a church, it's an event location located inside the Schloßberg (castle mountain). The architecture is quite unique, as it is located inside a dome like chamber which is 11 m high and has 733 m². With chairing it offers 330 seats, without it is big enough for 600 people. The walls were covered with a special wall panelling, which results in excellent acoustics. In 2019, the Dom im Berg was equipped with a state-of-the-art Ambisonics sound system, which provides visitors with a 3D sound experience. The main room is convertible with a variable stage, which make this location very flexible.

The chamber is located below the southern fortification of the castle. There are multiple tunnels connecting it to the surface, and there is also an elevator and staircase to the castle grounds. This entrance is normally not accessible, it is used by the artists, for staff access and as an emergency exit. Underground locations require special care with security and emergency plans, as a fire underground could cause havoc. As a result there are massive security measures in place for such an underground venue.

The underground location is used for concerts and clubbing, but also for congresses, balls, theatre performances, elaborate company presentations or customer receptions. As it is a concert hall and club it is accessible only during events, there are no other open hours or visits. To get an impression visit the instagram or facebook page. The number of events is currently restricted due to Corona.

The Schlossberg (castle mountain) is riddled with caverns and foot tunnels. During World War II it was used as an air raid shelter. The entrance is located in the middle of the city center, there is a public underground car park nearby. The Schloßbergplatz, which extends from the Mur river to the castle mountain is a pedestrian zone and ends at the foot of a cliff. A stone staircase leads up to the castle, a foot tunnel crosses the castle mountain, and the second entrance into the underground leads to the Dom im Berg. The location is not wheelchair accessible, as it is reached up a long underground staircase.