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Schopflocher Moor

Schopfloch Moor

Useful Information

Location: 40km northwest of Ulm.
From Ulm 39km on the B28, then 7km B465 to turnoff Schopfloch.
From A8 exit Kirchheim/Teck 15km B465 to turnoff Schopfloch.
Through Schopfloch, towards Ochsenwang.
Open: Moor: no restrictions
Naturschutzzentrum (visitor center): 15-APR to 15-OCT Tue-Fri 14-17, Sun 11-17
16-OCT to 14-APR 1st Sun of month 11-17.
Fee: free
Classification: marsh, moor, swamp,  dolines,  sinks.
Light: n/a
Dimension: Ar=50ha.
Guided tours: After appointmet at the Naturschutzzentrum Schopflocher Alb
Bibliography: Schopflocher Moor, Kleiner Führer durch das Naturschutzgebiet. (Deutsch - German)
Address: Naturschutzzentrum Schopflocher Alb, Vogelloch 1, 73252 Lenningen-Schopfloch, Tel: +49-7026-95012-0, Fax: +49-7026-95012-10, Fax: +49-7026/95012-10.
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1784start of peat harvesting, later clay quarrying for bricks.
1907end of peat harvesting.
1931area bought by the Schwäbischer Albverein.
1942declared a Naturschutzgebiet (Natural Monument).
1983protected area increased.
1996foundation and inauguration of the Naturschutzzentrum Schopflocher Alb. Coordination of protection activities and public relations.


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