Francetova Jama

Useful Information

Location: East of Ribnica, near the hamlet Zapuže pri Ribnici.
Open: Lodge: All year Mon-Thu 15-20, Fri 12-24, Sat 9-24, Sun 9-22.
Fee: free.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst Cave.
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: L=22 m, VR=8 m, A=570 m asl.
Guided tours:
Address: Francetova Jama, Žlebič 11B, 1310 Ribnica
Okrepčevalnica pri Francetovi Jami Slavka Mrhar s.p., Zapuže pri Ribnici 10, 1310 Ribnica, Tel: +386-31-314-078.
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1910 first caving activities in Ribnica.
1939 Francetova Jama discovered.
1957 Ribnica Cave Research Society officially founded.
1959 cave opened to the public.
1960 registered in the cadastre.
1960-1963 cave lodge built.
1993 cave lodge closed, cave open on weekends.
2010 renovated cave lodge reopened.


The Francetova Jama (France's Cave) was named after seven members of the party of cavers from Ribnica when they first explored the cave. The cavers actually wanted to name it Ježevka, because France Klun, the owner of the land around the cave, went by the nickname Jež. But on the exploration there were seven participants with the first name France in the group so everyone just called it the cave of the France's.

When the cavers finally founded the Društvo za raziskovanje jam Ribnica (Ribnica Cave Research Society) in 1957 they purchased the land from France Klun. They developed the cave as a show cave with a staircase down the entrance shaft, visits started in 1959. In 1960 the cave was first registered and the first cave lodge in Slovenia was built in the immediate vicinity. The cave has some local fame and was visited by 400 people in the first year.

The cave is rather small, with a total length of only 22 m, absolutely ridiculous in the land of caves. At the bottom of the entrance shaft at a depth of 8 m the narrow and low cave passage starts, which has only one small chamber which is four meters high. The cave has some nice rimstone pools (dry) some stalactites and curtains. The Jamarski Dom (cave lodge) opens every Sunday during summer, and between two Laško (the local beer) in the beer garden it is possible to get a small workout by visiting the cave.

This area is called Mail gori and is located below Mount Seljan, at the trail to Svete Ane (Saint Anne). The are has numerous caves, for example the Žiglovica shaft or Tobakovi hruški (Tobacco Pear).