Slap Kozjak

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Location: From Kobarid follow the Soča valley north on Gregorčičeva ulica which goes up the valle below road 203. At Napoleonov most (Napoleon's Bridge) you cross the Soča and parkat the parking lot. From here you must walk, 3.4 km, +161 m, 60 min. (46.259348, 13.590109)
Open: no restrictions.
Fee: fee.
Classification: GorgeGorge Speleologyerosional cave
Light: n/a
Dimension: A=312 m asl., H=15 m.
Guided tours: self guided
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Bibliography: Rok Kušlan (2008): Slapovi, Sidarta, Ljubljana. COBISS 239153920 . ISBN 978-961-6027-52-6.
Address: Slap Kozjak, Kozjak, 5222 Kobarid, Tel: +386-, Fax: +386-,
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JUN-2019 entrance fee introduced.


Slap Kozjak, Slovenia. Public Domain.

Slap Kozjak (Kozjak waterfall), also Veliki Kozjak (Big Kozjak), is one of six waterfalls in the Kozjak gorge. The Kozjak stream is a left tributary of the Soča and originates high up in Oble brdo (1957 m) and Krnčica (2142 m) mountain ridges. Six streams from the Kozjak river which then cuts through the limestone to reach the much deeper valley of the Soča (Isonzo). In this deep cut gorge are some six waterfalls, but only the first two are accessible.

Coming from the Soča you first reach the Slap Mali Kozjak (Small Kozjak waterfall) which is 8 m high. From here an elevated trail with wooden planks, goes through the gorge and ends at the Slap Veliki Kozjak (Big Kozjak waterfall). Most people only visit the two waterfalls and then turn around, but it is also possible to follow the road above the gorge to the villages higher up. The whole area is a popular walking and mountain biking destination.

The Veliki Kozjak is 15 m high. The waterfall has created a cavern-like gorge by retrograde erosion. It also formed a huge bowl at its foot which is filled with dark green water.

The trail starts at the bridge across the Soča north of Kobarid which is called Napoleon's Bridge, because it was built in Napoleonic times. On the other side of the Soča just follow the well maintained path. At the stone bridge from 1895, near the confluence of Kozjak and Soča, the trail turns right into the Kozjak gorge. Since 2019 the town Kobarid collects a small fee for the maintenance of the trial. Visitors must pay voluntarily, the site is still open. Along the way there are several artificial caverns which are remnants of World War I, the Soča/Isonzo river was the frontier for a very long time. Even after more than a century there are numerous remains left.