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Map of Slovenia

Slovenia has a modern system of administrative districts, which was established by the socialist regime of Tito after Wold War II. It replaced a completely different system which developed historically during the long time Slovenia belonged to the Austro-Hungarian-Empire. Between the wars, Slovenia was occupied and the border or front was located in the middle of the country between Postojna and Planina. So there are modern administrative regions used for car plates and administrative stuff, but there are still names like Notranjska. There is a Notranjski Muze, a National park of that name, and much more. The old names are used widely in tourist brochures, because they sound better. And they are based on geographic (and as a result geologic) features, in contrary to the modern borders. The conclusion of this long explanation is simple: we decided to structure the country following the historical Austria-Hungarian borders, because they are helpful for our topic: underground sites, mostly caves.

Borders of the Historical Habsburgian Lands in present-day Slovenia
Map No. English Slovene German geographic
Styria - Štajerska - Untersteiermark Inner Carniola - Notranjska - Innerkrain Prekmurje - Prèkmüre - Muravidék - Übermurgebiet Upper Carniola - Gorenjska - Oberkrain Carinthia - Koroška - Kärnten Carinthia - Koroška - Kärnten Lower Carniola and White Carniola - Dolenjska in Bela krajina - Unterkrain und Weißkrain Littoral - Primorska - Küstenland
1 Littoral Primorska Küstenland Mediterranean
2 Carniola Kranjska Krain
2a Upper Carniola Gorenjska Oberkrain Alps
2b Inner Carniola Notranjska Innerkrain Dinaric Plateaus
2c Lower Carniola
White Carniola
Dolenjska in
Bela krajina
Dinaric Plateaus
3 Carinthia Koroška Kärnten Alps
4 Styria (Spodnja) Štajerska Untersteiermark Pre-Alps
Dinaric Plateaus
5 Prekmurje Prèkmüre
(Hungarian: Muravidék)
Übermurgebiet Pannonian Plain