Hoverberg Cave

Useful Information

Location: At Hoverberg, near Svenstavik. From Svenstavik drive nort on RV 321, after 4.5 km turn right. Signposted.
Open: JUN to AUG daily 10-20.
Fee: Adults SEK 30.
Classification: SpeleologyNeotectonic cave SpeleologyFracture Cave
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: L=170 m.
Guided tours: L=81 m, VR=25 m.
Address: Hoverbergsgrottan, Family Rödins, Hoverberg 2270, 84040 Svenstavik, Tel: +46-687-12097, Cell: +46-70-6028495. E-mail: contact
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1897 discovered by Jöns Väst.


Hoverbergsgrottan (Hoverberg Cave) was named after the mountain it is located in. The Hoverberget is a peninsula in Storsjön lake, surrounded by the lake on three sides. The high hill offers a breathtaking view over the generally rather flat Swedish landscape, it is said that on a clear day the mountains on the Norwegian border can be seen. There is a café on top called Toppstugan, which has an outlook tower.

The mountain is composed of crystalline rocks. Being harder than the surrounding rocks, this rock resisted erosion and even the glaciers of the Ice Age. But the melting of the ice released the pressure on the rock, which caused tectonic movements. This created deep clefts or rifts inside the rock. Some can be seen a little downhill from the café, in a field of deep crevices called Rämnan. The crevices are locally called spricka.

Down a steep path the cave is reached. This cave was also created by movements of the rock, which resulted in a rather narrow but high, triangular shape. A steep iron staircase leads down into a sort of entrance hall, then a second staircase leads down into the main hall. The church-like chamber does not contain any decoration or speleothems, which is obviously because he rock is not soluble. The cave is very cold, caused of its form which makes it a cold trap.

The cave is said to be 170 m long, but only half of it is spacious and open to the public. It is said to be the longest fracture cave in Sweden.