Jaskinia Mroźna

Frosty Cave - Ice Cave

Useful Information

Location: On the eastern slope of Kościelska Valley in the western Tatra Mountains National Park, province of Nowy Sacz. 20 minutes hike from the bottom of the valley, trail marked black from Lodowe Zrodlo.
Open: MAY-OCT daily 10-17. [2006]
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave horizontal cave
Light: electric
Dimension: L=571m, A=1,100m/1,112m asl., VR=42m, T=4°C. V=150,000/a.
Guided tours: L=511m, D=40min.
Bibliography: J. Grodzicki (1993): Jaskinia Mrozna, Jaskinie Tatrzanskiego Parku Narodowego. Jaskinie wschodniego zbocza Doliny Koscieliskiej, Grodzicki J. (red.), PTPNoZ, Warszawa. (Polish)
Address: Jaskinia Mroźna, State Treasury, The Tatra Mountains National Park, 34-500 Zakopane, ul Chalubinskiego 42a, Tel: +48-165-63203, Fax: +48-165-63579.
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1934 discovered by Stefana Zwolinskiego and Tadeusza Zahorskiego.
1934-1937 first 64m of corridor discovered.
1950 exploration continued by Zwolinscy, the brother of the dicoverer. Sart of development, construction of tunnel.
12-JUL-1953 provisionally opened to the public.
1958 end of development work, show cave in final shape.
29-OCT-2000 additional parts discovered by Jakub Nowak.


Jaskinia Mroźna is called Frosty Cave or Ice Cave as it is rather cold because of its altitude. As a result there are only few speleothems. The cave is entered through an artificial tunnel and left through a natural entrance, the tour is a through trip. The cave has a single, more or less horizontal passage.

The Koscieliska Brook appears in the cave and at one point forms the Sabalowe Jeziorko (Sabala Lake).