To Sua

To Sua Ocean Trench

Useful Information

Location: Southeast coast of Upolu Island. Follow Main South Coast Road, at Lotofaga turn south, signposted.
(-14.043813490104704, -171.56230281019862)
Open: All year Mon-Sat 8:30-17, Sun 12:30-17.
Fee: Adults WST 20, Children (6-11) WST 10, Children (0-5) free.
Classification: KarstCollapse Doline Speleologylava tube SpeleologyBlowhole
Light: bring water tight lamp
Dimension: D=30 m, VR=30 m.
Guided tours: self guided
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: To Sua, Lotofaga, Upolu, Tel: +685-41699, Mobile: +685-7620175. E-mail:
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To Sua (Giant Swimming Hole), also known as To-Sua Ocean Trench is a huge cenote-like collapse doline with sea water on the ground. The origin is a lava tube, Samoan aga, which reached the sea at this point. Later it was filled with salt water from the sea, so its lower end is partly water filled. The ceiling of the lava tube collapsed only 20 m from the cliff and the collapse created a huge circular hole. At the upper end the wall is steep, and there is a staircase. Half down the walls become vertical, and there is a small platform and a wooden ladder to a sort of floating jetty in the water.

The site is used for swimming and snorkeling and is popular with locals and tourists. The place above the doline is well kept as a sort of park, it is used for weddings, there is a bar with a great view, and nearby is a trail down the cliff to the sea. At the foot of the cliff are several blowholes and a small beach named Fagaoneone. But the doline has a few benefits: the water is green, there is no surf, and you can jump into the water from the floating jetty. Its also possible to swim into the lava tube towards the sea, but it completely water filled and recommended for skilled divers only. On the other side the water filled lava tube leads to a second doline which is called To Lé Sua (deep hole without water). It has a diameter of 10 m and no water on the ground. But if you leave the water and walk on the debris to the ground of the doline you can at least see the sky.