Mangapohue Natural Bridge

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Mangapohue Natural Bridge, New Zealand. Public Domain.
Location: Te Anga Road, Te Anga 3988.
25 km from Waitomo Village on Te Anga Road.
(-38.260257, 174.900565)
Open: no restrictions.
Fee: free.
Classification: GeologyNatural Bridge GeologyGorges
Light: n/a, bring torch
Guided tours: self guided, L=700 m, D=20 min.
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: pushchair-friendly track
Address: Department of Conservation, Te Kuiti Office, 78 Taupiri Street, Te Kuiti 3910, Tel: +64-7-878-1050. E-mail:
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03-OCT-2022 Mangapohue Natural Bridge Walk closed due to erosion of the natural bridge above the track.


Mangapohue Natural Bridge, New Zealand. Public Domain.
Mangapohue Natural Bridge, New Zealand. Public Domain.

the Mangapohue Natural Bridge is a collapsed cave, or better is the last part of the cave which is not yet collapsed. This small section of the original cave passage now forms a 17 m high gate. There is a pushchair-friendly trail, an elevated wooden boardwalk along the gorge of the Mangapohue river and through the natural bridge. The pushchair-friendliness ends at the arch though, through the arch and up to the surrounding farmland there are numerous steps. It gives a view of the ceiling with numerous stalactites, which where obviously formed while it was still a cave. It also offers a view down the gorge. The trail returns through farmland, but has another geotope to offer: 25 million-year-old fossilised oysters exposed in limestone outcrops.

The trail has lately been closed for the public. It seems there was a rockfall and the natural bridge is seems to be unsafe. Why they closed the whole trail remains unclear. At least the picnic area and car park are available. We think it will take some time for the planning, funding and execution of the necessary safety measures, so you should check their website for updates in one or two years. Their "we strongly urge visitors not to progress past the barriers" sounds a bit like over-protecting though. Probably a legal issue. As far as we understand there is no reason to avoid the trail, except for the crossing of the natural bridge.

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Mangapohue Natural Bridge, New Zealand. Public Domain.