Ingleborough Cave

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The entrance to the cave. ©John Farrer.
Location: 2km NE of Clapham in the Clapdale.
Open: Mar-Oct daily, Nov-Feb weekends/by appointment.
Fee: Trail: Adults GBP 0.40, Children GBP 0.20.
Cave: Adults GBP 4.50, Children GBP 2.50, Family (2+2) GBP 12.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: electric.
Dimension: L=2000m.
Guided tours: L=600m.
Bibliography: Dr Trevor Ford (1975): Ingleborough Cavern and Gaping Gill, 35 pp, 6 photos, surveys etc.
Address: Ingleborough Cave, Clapham, N Yorkshire LA2 8EE, Tel: +44-15242-51242. E-mail: contact
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1837 first explored by a party including the Farrers, Lord Eldon and friends.
1895 Gaping Ghyll first explored by ExplainE.A. Martel.
1983 outlet passages at Ingleborough Cave were eventually discovered.


The Fortification. ©John Farrer
Shower Bath or Bloomers. ©John Farrer.

From the Cave Visitor Centre in the the village, the Nature Trail leads through beautiful lakeside woodland to the Ingleborough Show Cave. The trail is named after Reginald Farrer (1880-1920) and commemorates his exploits travelling the world in search of plants and new species. He introduced over a hundred new plants into Europe from the Far East. Along the trail you can see Himalayan Rhododendron, bamboo and other unusual plants.

Cross the Fell Beck by the narrow footbridge (Brokken Bridge) and follow the Beck upstream, passing the Church and the waterfall to reach the old Sawmill at the top of the Village. The Sawmill, powered by water turbine, is still in use, and tickets for the Trail are obtained from the cottage in the yard. After two kilometers of walk you will reach the Cave.

Ingleborough Cave forms an outlet to the famous CaveGaping Ghyll system.

The cave contains up to 350 million years old stalactites and stalagmites. An one kilometre long walk leads through large passages with no steps.

Sometimes the cave tours are affected by very wet weather. But: the wetter the weather, the more spectacular is the Cave!

All images on this page by John Farrer. With kind permission.

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