Grotte d'Osselle

Useful Information

Location: Near St Vit. From Besançon N73-D13-D48 or D13 through Quingey.
Open: APR to MAY daily 9-12, 14-18.
JUN daily 9-18.
JUL to AUG daily 9-19.
SEP daily 9-12, 14-17.
OCT Mon-Sat 14:30-17, Sun 9-12, 14-17.
Fee: Adults EUR 7, Children EUR 4, Students EUR 5.50, Cavers EUR 5.50.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: electric.
Dimension: L=8,000m
Guided tours: L=1,300m, D=60min.
Address: Grotte d'Osselle, F-25410 St Vit. Tel: +33-381-636209, Fax: +33-381-638852.
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13th century discovered.
1504 first known visits.
1751 first development of the cave
1826 skeletons of cave bears discovered by the English paleontologist Buckland.


The Grotte d'Osselle is located in a cliff overlooking a meander of the river Doubs.

During the French Revolution the cave was used as refuge.

The underground river in one of the lower galleries is spanned by a small stone bridge (built in 1751) enabling visitors to see the so-called Organ Gallery.