Grottes de Blanot

Useful Information

Location: Blanot, on the West side of Mont St. Romain.
Open: JUL to AUG daily 12-19.
01-SEP to 19-SEP daily 13-18.
Fee: Adults EUR 5.50, Children (3-18) EUR .
Groups (15+): Adults EUR 4, School Pupils EUR 2.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave. Jurassic limestones, locally Bajocien.
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: T=13 °C.
Guided tours: VR=80 m, D=60 min.
Address: Grottes de Blanot, Le Bourg, 71250 Blanot, Tel: +33-38550-0359, Tel: +33-385-500400, Fax: +33-385-500037. E-mail: contact
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1739 first written account by Dr. Benoit Dumolin de Cluny.
1940 first exploration.
1951-1962 explorations in other nearby caves.
04-MAY-1959 caves donated to the village Blanot by the owner Miot.


The Grottes de Blanot (Caves of Blanot) are located in the gorge de la Mangette (Mangete gorge) north of the village Blanot. The cave is simply named after the village, and it is also owned by the village since it was donated to the village by the then owner Monsieur Miot in 1959. The village subsequently developed the cave and opened it to the public.

The cave is rather deep, and the trail descents a total of 80 m. Because of this the cave is not suitable for people which are not in a normal physical condition. The cave is definitely not wheelchair accessible. It is not recommended for people with walking disablities, respiratory problems, or circulation disorders.

In the area around the cave there are numerous other caves, which were explored during the 1950s. One of the most interesting was the grotte du Bison (Cave of the Bisons) which was excavated. The excavation revealed the bones of bisons, deers, wolves, and horses. There were also human remains like flint flakes and points from the Mousterian.