Caves in Books - Books about Caves

Theodore Rousseau (1831-1833) - The Cave in a Cliff near Granville. 1831-1833, 30.8cm x 42.55cm, oil on paper, mounted on canvas.

A literature section on a website dedicated to caves and subterranea? Seems strange, but a close look on famous books reveals many relations to the underground. Caves and mines always affected man, and so many books use caves as an important scene of the story.

The first times caves were used this way was in mythology. In Greek mythology Zeus grew up in a cave. Later caves were the entrance to Hades, the realm of death. Then it was a place for devils and demons.

From the renaissance on, caves were again explored and people started to see them as a part of nature which could be explored. Literature changed too. Caves became he main topic of novels, e.g. Jules Verne (1864): Journey into the Interior of the Earth. Or they became the topic of scientific and touristic descriptions.