Geology is a science that deals with the history of the earth as recorded in rocks. The geology of an area is the sum of its geological features. Geology is a geo science and related with geography, mineralogy, and chemistry. Important sub sciences are palaeontology, hydrology and geochemistry. Geology is important for the exploration of deposits and thus an important base of modern economy.

This website is focused on underground sites. Especially for natural caves the geology of their formation is very important. But the artificial voids are also based on geologic facts, as both the reason and the possibility to create them typically depends on the geologic situation.

In this chapter you will find some geologic background information, some bits which are necessary to understand the speleogenesis (formation of caves). But be aware that this is just a collection of some geologic details which are relevant for caves and subterranea. It is not intended to explain geology, but just to give some links and other resources on the topic, and complete this with some special information.