The Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are situated near the west coast of Africa, the Sahara is just a few hundred kilometers to the east. This volcanic isles have no karst caves, but several lava tubes and a huge amount of mostly artificial volcanic caves.

There is only one cave you could call a show cave on the Canary Islands, Cueva de Los Verdes on Lanzarote. Most other caves are used by man, or at last were used by man. A lot of people live in cave houses, dug into the soft volcanic ash or tufa. It is normally rather difficult, to decide how much of the caves is natural and how much is artificial.

Cueva del Viento Ansite Cuatro Puertas Cenobio de Valerón Cueva Pintada Cueva de Anzo Barranco de Guayadeque Cueva de Los Verdes Jameos del Agua Tenerife Gran Canaria Lanzarote