Centre for International Light Art

Zentrum für Internationale Lichtkunst Unna

Useful Information

Location: Lindenbrauerei, Massenerstraße 31, Unna.
(51.534562, 7.685786)
Open: All year Tue-Fri 10-14.
Closed 01-JAN, 24-DEC, 25-DEC, 31-DEC.
Fee: Adults EUR 11, Reduced EUR 8.
Classification: SubterraneaUnderground Museums
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: Ar=760 m²,
Guided tours: V=25,000/a [2019]
Photography: only on photography tours or private tours
Accessibility: no
Address: Centre for International Light Art, Lindenplatz 1, 59423 Unna, Tel: +49-2303-103-751, Fax: +49-2303-103-753. E-mail:
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2001 museum opened to the public.


The Centre for International Light Art is the first and only museum that focuses on the presentation of light art. It is located in Unna, in the cooling and storage cellars of the former Lindenbrauerei (lime tree brewery). There is some logic in placing art made of artificial light in a space where natural light will never reach. The museum contains more than a dozen installations, and each one was created specifically for this unique subterranean space.

  1. Brigitte Kowanz Lichtgeschwindigkeit 11,5m/sek (1989/90)
  2. Mario Merz Fibonacci-Reihe (2000)
  3. Joseph Kosuth Die Signatur des Wortes [Licht und Finsternis] (2001)
  4. Mischa Kuball Space-Speech-Speed (1998/2001)
  5. Jan van Munster Ich [im Dialog] (2005)
  6. Keith Sonnier Tunnel of Tears (2002)
  7. Johannes Dinnebier Lichtdesign Veranstaltungsraum
  8. Christina Kubisch Schlohweiß und Rabenschwarz (2001)
  9. François Morellet No End Neon [Pier and Ocean] (2001/2002)
  10. Rebecca Horn Lotusschatten (2006)
  11. Christian Boltanski Totentanz II, Théâtre d’Ombres (1984/2002)
  12. James Turrell Floater 99 (1999/2001)
  13. Olafur Eliasson The Reflective Corridor, Entwurf zum Stoppen des freien Falls (2002)
  14. Mischa Kuball mies-mies II (1994), mies-mies III (1995), Onyx Doree (1995)
  15. Li Hui Amber (2006)
  16. James Turrell Third Breath