Schwandorfer Felsenkeller

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Location: Schwandorf. Fronberger Straße, Waldgasse, Spitzwegstraße, Weinbergstraße und Schießstättengasse.
Open: By appointment, during events. [2003]
Fee: Guided tour for max. 25 persons EUR 25. [2003]
Classification: SubterraneaCellar Dogger (Middle Jurassic) sandstone.
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours: D=90 min.
Bibliography: B. Hack, K. Rothkegel (2000): Zur geologischen Fragestellung des Untergrundes und der Anlage unterirdischer Keller in Schwandorf (Oberpfalz), In: Geologische Blätter für Nordost-Bayern und angrenzende Gebiete ZDB-Info zu diesem Werk, Band 50, Heft Nr. 3/4, Seite 137-165
Address: Schwandorfer Felsenkeller, Herr Robold, Kirchengasse 1, D-92421 Schwandorf, Tel: +49-9431-45-124, Fax: +49-9431-45-400.
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1500 most of the cellar dug to store beer.


The Cellars of Schwandorf are located inside a layer of sandstone of the Middle Jurassic, which is called Brown Jurassic in southern Germany, because of its typical brownish colour. This layer may be found all along the river Naab at the slopes of the Holzberg mountain. There are about 100 different cellars, on a length of about one kilometre. They were used for various purposes during the centuries. Most of them were built arout 1500 for the use as beer cellars. At this time a lot of breweries existed at Schwandorf.