Erbendorfer Felsenkeller

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Location: Meeting place: in the Kirchgasse at the Heimatmuseum, close to the church, Kirchgasse 4.
Open: Sat 07-MAY-2011, 04-JUN-2011, 09-JUL-2011, 06-AUG-2011, 10-SEP-2011, 01-OCT-2011 19:00.
Fee: Adults EUR 2, Children free.
Classification: SubterraneaCellar
Light: bring rubber boots, helmet, headlamp or torch
Guided tours:
Address: Tourist-Info der Stadt Erbendorf, Bräugasse 2, 92681 Erbendorf, Tel: +49-9682-9210-22, Fax: +49-9682-9210-23. E-mail: contact
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Once there were about 40 cellars in the small town Erbendorf, but some have been filled in sometime. But still numerous of those cellars can still be seen. The socalled Felsenkellerwanderung (rock cellar walk) is a guided tour through the most interesting cellars. It was first offered in the year 2009 for the 900th anniversary of the city. But there is a ongoing interest in those tours and so they are still offered several time a year.

The Mulzer-Keller is located in the Pfarrgasse and was used to store beer and food. The Steinhauser-Keller in the Frühmessgasse was built during the 18th century. It contains seven fish ponds in one tunnel which were used to store living food. Then there are numerous small cellars as they were used by normal citized.