David Hasselhoff Museum

Useful Information

Location: Basement of the Circus Hostel in Berlin.
Open: All year daily 0-24.
Fee: Free.
Classification: SubterraneaMuseums
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours:
Photography: allowed
Address: The Circus Hostel, Weinbergsweg 1a, 10119 Berlin, Tel: +49-30-2000393-9 Fax: +49-3-2000393-699 E-mail:
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2017 visited by David Hasselhoff.


The David Hasselhoff Museum is located in the basement of the Circus Hostel in Berlin. There is actually no reason why it is underground, but it is, so it qualifies as a subterranean sight. Its also underground in the sense that it is almost unknown and not listed with the other sights of Berlin.

For some time David Hasselhoff was more popular in Germany than in the United States. He was first known for his TV series Knight Rider and Baywatch. But he became quite famous in the early 90s because of his song "Looking for Freedom", which accidentally and fortunately was published during the collapse of East Germany and the reunification of Germany. Many people in Germany thought that it expressed their current feelings and it became a West German No. 1 hit.

The museum contains some paraphernalia from Knight Rider and Baywatch, a replica of the famous piano key scarf Hasselhof wore during his 1989 performance at the Berlin Wall, and a huge mural of “The Hoff”. The mural was the begin of the museum, and was painted by a Hostel guest, an artist, out of boredom. It had originally a patch of breast hair, but the hairs were soon stolen by visitors as souvenirs. If you are in Berlin you should definitely this museum, and afterwards drink a beer in the adjacent microbrewery.