Birresborner Eishöhlen

Useful Information

Location: Near Birresborn, 1.5km from the parking lot.
Open: no restrictions.
Fee: free.
Classification: SubterraneaRock Mine SpeleologyIce cave
Light: bring torch
Dimension: L=40m.
Guided tours:  
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The Birresborner Eishöhlen (Ice Caves of Birresborn) are up to 40m long tunnels, which are a result of underground basalt quarrying. The basalt was mined für millstones, which were very popular until the 19th century. The name - Ice Caves - is a result of ice contained in the caves, a result of the cold trap effect. Cold air enters the tunnel during summer, but is not able to leave in the summer, it is trapped. Cold air is heavier than warm air, so it always tends to flow downward. The tunnel goes down from the entrance, and there is no second entrance which would allow an air current. The caves contain ice during winter and generally until mid Summer, generally until June, in some years even longer.

The millstone quarrying created three adjacent tunnels, all of them leading downwards. The tunnels are sometimes rather low and require stooping. For the rear part some kind of light is necessary. We recommend good shoes, torches, warm clothes and if possible a helmet.