Plzeňské historické podzemí

Plzen's Historical Underground Passages

Useful Information

Location: In Plzeň.
Open: Apr-Oct Wed-Sun 9-16.
Classification: ExplainCellar
Light: electric
Dimension: L=17,000m.
Guided tours: L=750m, VR=12m.
Address: Plzeňské historické podzemí, Perlová 4-6, 30100 Plzeň, Tel: +420-377-225214. E-mail: contact
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13th cty first cellars created.
19th cty last cellars created.


They were built as part of the town's defences in the fourteenth century. Later they were used to store beer. As the tour is all in Czech, ask for a leaflet in English.

Text by Tony Oldham (2002). With kind permission.

The cellars under the whole centre of the town Plzeň are up to three storeys deep and all together 17km long. This makes them one of the most extensive cellar systems in central Europe. The tour shows only a small part, about 750m of this system.