Klatovské katakomby

Klatovy Catacombs

Useful Information

Location: Klatovy
Open: APR Sat, Sun 9-12, 13-17.
MAY to SEP daily 9-12, 13-17.
OCT Sat, Sun 9-12, 13-17.
NOV to MAR closed.
Fee: Adults CZK 40, Children (3-18) CZK 20.
Classification: SubterraneaCatacomb
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours:  
Address: Klatovské katakomby, Tel: +420-376-347240.
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1656-1675 church built.
1676 first burial
1783 last burial.
1784 Emperor Josef II prohibits burial in catacombs or churches.


The Klatovy Catacombs are one of biggest attractions in this small town. The Jesuit Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary and Saint Ignatius is a Baroque church built during the 17th century. Below the church catacombs were built to hold the bodies of the Jesuit priests and also to serve as protection during attacks. Later they became the burial place of nobility and other important persons from the area.

The reason why this catacombs became so famous are the mummies. About 30 dead bodies did not decay, but were mummyfied by the dry air and the constant temperature. The bodys without the water weigh 8-10 kilograms. They can be seen in coffins with glass covers.

The catacombs were used from the erection of the curch, even before the completion. All together 200 people were buried here. This ended when Emperor Josef II prohibited by decree burial in catacombs or churches.