Dělostřelecká Tvrz Hůrka

Useful Information

Location: 17. listopadu č.p. 1938, 561 69 Králíky.
(50.0880856, 16.7691739)
Open: no restrictions.
Fee: free.
Classification: SubterraneaWorld War II Bunker
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: L=2 km, A=666 m asl.
Guided tours: self guided
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Dělostřelecká tvrz Hůrka - Muzeum čs. opevnění, 17. listopadu č.p. 1938, 561 69 Králíky, Tel: +420-792-776-140. E-mail:
Společnost přátel čs. opevnění, o.p.s., Luční 199, 666 03 Hradčany
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1935 beginning of construction.
2008 a larger part of the underground opened to the public.
2009 one of the battle facilities opened to the public.
2011-2012 remaining part of the fortress opened to the public.


Dělostřelecká Tvrz Hůrka (Artillery Fortress Hůrka) is a system of bunkers. It is one of the five completed artillery fortresses in the Czech Republic which were built in the early 1930s in preparation for the looming war. A system of six accessible infantry and artillery blockhouses is connected by several kilometers of underground passages, tunnels and halls. It is the biggest such structure which is open to the public, as it is possible to view the exteriors and interiors of all five combat buildings called srubů (log cabins), connected by a system of underground tunnels and halls with a total length of 1.75 k There are an air filter room, a power plant-engine room, ammunition stores, barracks to house the fortress's crew of 424 men, including a infirmary and a kitc A narrow-gauge railway line, which is fully functional, connected the different parts of the structure.

The Hůrka artillery fortress, also known as Berghöhe, Horka, Hofeberg and Výšina, was built on Výšina hill. It is located on the northern edge of the town of Králíky, 800 m from the city center on the road towards Hanušovice. There is a parking lot.

The museum is operated by the non-profit Společnost přátel čs. opevnění, o.p.s (Society of Friends of the Czechoslovak Republic fortification, ops)