Cueva de Colín

Useful Information

Location: Área Protegida Topes de Collantes, Topes de Collantes.
(21.9018115, -80.0128497)
Open: no restrictions.
Fee: free.
Classification: GorgeGorge
Light: n/a
Dimension: A=800 m asl.
Guided tours: self guided
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Cueva de Colín, Topes de Collantes.
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Cueva de Colín (Cave of Colín) is, despite the name, not a cave. Actually it is a short but quite impressive gorge of the Vegas Grandes river. The gorge is most likely a karst feature, a collapsed cave. It is a rather popular spot, locals go there for swimming. There are numerous other bathing spots in the area, and waterfalls along the river, which are connected to the village by short trails.

Cueva de Colín is easily reached on a 500 m hike on the Sendero a Colín from the road. Drive on 152 Carretera Topes de Collante through Topes de Collantes. From the south, after the Coffee Shop Finca Don Pancho turn left, after 350 m stop at the road.