Moon Water Cave

Water Cave - Real Water Cave - Longmen Water Cave - Buddha Water Cave

Useful Information

Location: Longmen village, Gaotian, south of Yangshuo.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: electric
Dimension: L=3,000m.
Guided tours: Normal tour: D=1.5h.
Cave Trekking tour: D=3h.
Address: Moon Water Cave, Tel: +86-, Fax: +86-,
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1997 opened to the public.


Moon Water Cave seems to have some trouble with its name. Actually there are hundreds of Water Caves, Longmen Water Cave is not much better, as the dragon is very popular in China. We chose the name Moon Water Cave, which is also a common name of this site. We guess it fits, because of nearby Moon Hill. The dragon in the alternative name is a result of a small stalagmite which is called Maitreya.

This cave system runs beneath three neighbouring karst towers. It is located at the level of the ground water, and a silent and calm, only 50cm deep caver river flows through the cave. There are two different tours offered. The regular tour includes a boat ride and takes about one and a half hours. During the trip it is possible to swimm in the refreshing water of the cave and to take a shower under the waterfall at the end. The cave trekking tour takes three hours and includes also swimming, but additionally crawling and stooping and a bath in the soft cave mud. There are ropes and ladders, and visitors have to take handlamps with them.

It seems this cave is even on the regular tour a little rough. They warn that there have been injuries during only 10 years of guided tours. The main problem are obviously slippery paths. Visitors are advised to bring a swimsuit and a towel, many visit the cave in the swimsuit and flip flops. Helmets and lamps are provided.

During World War II this cave was used by the locals as a hideout from the invading Japanese army. Der cave is maze like with many narrow and sometimes dangerous passages. So the locals thought it would protect them if the Japanese ever entered the maze.