Frank Aston Underground Museum

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Location: Shackelton Street, Mount Isa, Qld 4825.
Open: All year daily 9-16. [2005]
Guided tours:
Address: Frank Aston Underground Museum, Shackelton Street, Mount Isa, Qld 4825.
Museum of North Western Queensland, PO Box 280, Mount Isa, Qld 4825, Tel: +61-7-4749-1558, Fax: +61-7-4749-1559.
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Frank Aston Underground Museum is both, a museum about the underground and underground itself. It uses a 65 m long tunnel, five smaller chambers and a large 100m² chamber, which was mined into the hill underneath one of the city's early reservoir tanks. This part of the museum is used to display past and present mining implements. The museum also features early homestead equipment and a simulated Aboriginal encampment depicting tribal customs of the district. There is also a mineral exhibition with samples from throughout Australia and overseas. The Earth's Treasure's display features many minerals and gems from the Queensland Museum.