Cave Garden

Useful Information

Location: In the centre of Mount Gambier in the park opposite the Post Office.
Open: All year daily around the clock. [2007]
Fee: free [2007]
Classification: sink hole, doline
Light: n/a
Guided tours:
Address: The Lady Nelson Visitor and Discovery Centre, Jubilee Highway East (P O Box 56), Mount Gambier SA 5290. Tel: +61-8-8724-9750, FreeCall: +61-1800-087-187, Fax: +61-8-8723-2833.
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1841 after the Henty brothers arrived, this was the site of early development.
1890's the beginnings of the gardens.
1884 the fountain in the park was constructed.
1909 the rose-gardens were planted.


This sinkole is a collapsed cavern, one of numerous in the area of Mount Gambier. This one was the original source of water for the early settlers. Windlasses were used to draw water from the base.

Today it is surrounded by beautiful rose gardens and a lovely place for a picnic. The water of Cave Garden is not used any more for the water supply. But in times of heavy rain it still swallows the excess water from the surrounding streets.

This sinkhole was formed by the collapse of a chamber of the big cave system below Mount Gambier.