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Location: Near Göstling on the Ybbs.
A1 exit Ybbs, B25 south through Scheibbs, Neubruck, Gaming and Göstling 55 km to Lassing. In Lassing turn left onto toll road Hochkar-Alpenstraße (Hochkar Alpine road). During ski season toll station at Lassing, all other time pay toll at the terminus. 10 km uphill to the terminus with big car park and cable car. 5 min. walk to the cave at the foot of the second prop of the cable car.
(47.718444, 14.916243)
Open: Only after appointment.
Fee: yes.
Maut (toll) for the road.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst Cave
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: L=650 m, VR=133 m, A=1,620 m asl.
Guided tours: D=90 min, Min=6, Max=25, MinAge=6.
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Bibliography: Fritz Apeldauer: Der Hochkarschacht bei Göstling/Ybbs.
Address: Hochkar & Ötscher Tourismus GmbH, Göstling 46, 3345 Göstling/Ybbs, Tel: +43-5-0138-200. E-mail:
Höhlenführer (cave guide), Tel: +43-7484-2122. E-mail:
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1923 natural entrance to the cave discovered by Michael Müllner.
24-SEP-1963 first exploration by Werner Putz, Hubert Bruckner and Helmut Fritz failed.
1964 first successful exploration by the Verein für Höhlenkunde using 30 rope ladders.
29-JUL-1965 tunnel built by Franz Geischläger.
18-NOV-1966 declared a Natural Monument.
1969 opened to the public.


The location of the Hochkarschacht is rather special, this cave is on top of a mountain right in the middle of a ski resort. To get there we take a steep toll road which goes up to a plateau right below the summit of the Hochkar (1,808 m asl). Here is a huge parking lot, several hotels and restaurants, the cable car to the summit and ski lifts. Most of the year this ski resort is deserted. But in winter, with enough snow, it is a popular ski area and overcrowded each weekend by day tourists. The development of the Hochkar cave as a show cave was directly related to the construction of the 9.5-kilometre-long road. At the instigation of Franz Geischläger, the architect of the road to the skiing area, a tunnel to the lower part of the cave was constructed. With this artificial entrance, the cave could now be reached without the arduous shaft descent of over 70 m.

The Hochkarschacht is a huge alpine cave, main sight is the 70 m deep entrance shaft, which is really impressive. But the visitor enters the cave at the floor, through the artificial tunnel which leads directly to the vast Pfingsthalle. It was discovered on Pentecost 1964, hence the name Pentecost Hall. The chamber is 35 m long, 20 m high, and 15 m wide. The cave is noteworthy for its series of huge wide vaults linked by small narrow passages.

Unfortunately it is rather difficult to visit this cave. Although it is well developed, with good paths, entrance adits and electric light, there are no regular tours. It is necessary to make an appointment and the minimum group size is nine persons. There is absolutely no chance to get in without prior arrangement.