Hornkullens gruvor

Hornkullens Silvergruvor

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Location: 2km north of Nykroppa, southeast of Filipstad. From Filipstad follow RV26 south, turn left into Kungsvägen to Nykroppa, again left into Hornkullsvägen, 2km to mine. Signposted.
Open: JUN to AUG daily 11-17.
Fee: Adults SEK 50, Children (6-15) SEK 20.
Classification:  Silver Mine
Light: electric.
Guided tours:  
Address: Nykroppa Framtid, Kennet Rydén, Mossängsvägen 2, 680 90 Nykroppa, Tel: +46-590-41040, Fax: +46-590-42020.
Hornkullens gruvor, Kjell Falk, Tel: +46-70-2841676, Tel: +46-70-6541108.
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~1350start of mining.
~1850end of mining.


Hornkullens Silvergruva (Hornkullens silver mine) was mined since the 14th century, at least according to legend. The silver ore was melted both in Nykroppa and Herrhult.

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