Store Gaulstadgrotta

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Location: Steinkjer
Fee: Long tour: per person NOK 400. Short tour: per person NOK 300. [2005]
Guided tours: D=2-5h.
Address: Store Gaulstadgrotta, I Natura, Overrein, 7718 Steinkjer, Tel: +47-92299190. E-mail: contact
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Store Gaulstadgrotta is a wild cave, for which spelunking tours are offered. There are numerous caves in the area, two of them are guided: Store Gaulstadgrotta and Jettegrytegrotta. However, the tour through Store Gaulstadgrotta is more common. The tour is made for groups between four and eight participants. The tours include a little snack during the trip.

Store Gaulstadgrotta is an impressive river cave, which shows several speleothems too: stalactites, stalagmites, helictites and draperies. But the highlights are a boat ride on the cave river, numerous rimstone pools and a 17m high waterfall in the cave.

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