Grotte Is Zuddas

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Location: Near Cagliari, Sardegna. 6km from Santandi on Monte Meana. 60km from Calgari. On rd 293 to Siliqua, then S to Santadi. (39° 2'44.39"N, 8°42'23.94"E)
Open: APR-SEP daily 9-12, 14:30-18. OCT-MAR Hol 9-12, 14:30-18, Sun at 12, 16.
Classification:  Karst cave, Cambrian limestone.
Light: electric.
Dimension: T=16°, 236 m asl
Guided tours: L=1000m,
Address: Grotte Is Zuddas, Località Is Zuddas, I-09010 Santadi, (Cagliari), Tel: +39-0781-955741, Fax: +39-0781-955772, E-mail: contact
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1984opened to the public.


The cave Is Zuddas is famous for a hall which contains many beautiful  Helictites or Eccentriques. They are built of aragonite.

A skeleton of the endemic rodent Prolagus sardus is on display near the cave entrance. It is extinct for about 400 years and lived only on Sardinia and Corsica.

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