Weathercote Cave

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Location: Chapel-le-Dale, Ingleton, Yorkshire. On the west side of the Ingleton to Hawes road (B6255), just above Chapel-le-Dale church, entered by the white gate marked "Weather-cote House".
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Open: no restrictions [2006]
Fee: free [2006]
Classification:  Karst cave.
Light: no lights are needed
Dimension: L=670m.
Guided tours: selfguided, D=10min, L=122m.
Bibliography: John Hutton (1780): A Tour to the Caves in the Environs of Ingleborough and Settle, pp. 25-28, reprinted 1970.
Address: Weathercote Cave
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1781a tour guide was charging intrepid tourists one shilling to visit the cave.
1954the Dales designated a National Park.


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