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Hoffnungsstollen Todtmoos

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Location: At Todtmoos, southern Schwarzwald (Black Forest). From Bad Säckingen along the Rhein north through Wehr.
Open: MAY to OCT Sat, Sun 14-17.
NOV to APR 1st+snd Saturday every month, Hol Fei 14-17.
Fee: Adults EUR 3, Gästekarte EUR 2, Schwarzwald Card free, Children (6-16) EUR 1, Children (0-5) free, School Pupils EUR 1, Students EUR 1, Disabled EUR 1.
Groups (20+): Adults EUR 2, Gästekarte EUR 1,50, Bus driver free, Guide free.
Classification:  Iron Mine  Nickel Mine
Light: electric
Guided tours:  
Address: Tourist-Information, Wehratalstr. 19, 79682 Todtmoos, Tel: +49-7674-9060-0, Fax: +49-7674-9060-25. E-mail: contact
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1798Todtmoos-Mättle first written mentioned.
1835Vitriol plant at Schwarzenbach closed.
1934intensive prospecting activities.
1937work ended, mine finally closed.
1988mine cleaned for the construction of a show mine.
16-JUN-2000opened to the public.



In the open cast mine Todtmoos-Mättle huge amounts of Magnetkies (Pyrrhotite, Fe8S9) were mined. This was processed by the vitriol plant in Schwarzenbach, until the plant was closed in 1835. At this time the nickel ore was classified as waste. When new technologies were discovered to harden steel by adding nickel, this metall became valuable.

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