Pu Sam Cap Grottoes

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Location: Pu Sam Cap village, Sin Ho District, province of Lai Chau. From Lao Cai town by car to Pu Sam Cap Mountain (1,700 m asl).
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
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Address: Pu Sam Cap Grottoes, Dien Bien import-export company, Lai Chau, Tel: +84-, Fax: +84-,
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JUL-2006 opened as a show cave.


The Pu Sam Cap Grottoes, named after the nearby village or the homonymous mountain, ar noted for fine speleothems. This very young show cave has been prepared with paths and electric light, but the develoment is still very simple. Unfortunately this allows people to rech the formations and destroy them. There is already some damage, which is explained by children braking speleothems because of ignorance. The cave is very popular, during the first six months it was visited by 10,000 visitors, and since then the visitor numbers grow continually.

There are actually three caves, the lowest is named Thien Mon, higher up are Thien Duong and Thuy Tinh. The visit of all three caves requires a whole day, visitors with less time are advised to visit only the lowest, Thien Mon. In the small karst area 10 caves are known at the moment, the three show caves are the three biggest caves.

The cave is located high up on the 1,700 m asl high Pu Sam Cap Mountain. It is reached from the parking lot on a short but strenuous walk uphill, which is rewarded by the extraordinary views of the valley and Nam Ron River, and the beautiful cave.