Mo So Cave

Mo So Limestone Caves

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Location: Mo So Mountain, Mekong Delta, 30 km southwest of Ha Tien Town, Kien Giang Province. Ba Nui village, Binh An commune, Kien Luong district, Ha Tien province.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: bring own.
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1995 declared a national historic relic by the Ministry of Culture and Information.


Mo So Mountain, located in the Mekong delta, about 30 km southwest of Ha Tien Town, is a limestone hill full of caves. Some of the caves are open for the public, equipped with paths. Mo So is Khmer meaning limestone mountain.

Mo So Cave, named after the mountain, was once hard to reach. It was a walk of five kilometre through shrimp breeding ponds, paddy fields, and canals, and took about two hours. As a result the number of visitors was rather low. But now a new road has been built right to the cave entrance.

This cave was used as a revolutionary base during the socalled American War. The headquarters of the Kien Luong district Party Committee was located in Mo So Cave. Because of this historic background, the cave was declared a national historic relic by the Ministry of Culture and Information. To commemorate this history, there are many special tours organized to the cave on Liberation Day (30-APR) and on Labor Day (01-MAY).

Dong Nuoc (Wet Cave) nearby is often considered the most impressive of the caves. It is located in the west of the valley, reached on a footpath. Starting at a normal height, the passage soon becomes higher and higher while continually descending. Finally the passage is 20 m high, with a cool underground river flowing through, hence the name. The cool water produces a mist, which gives the cave a mysterious impression. Tree roots are hanging from the ceiling which tried to reach the water of the cave river. Dry season is obviously the best time to visit this cave, at this time the cave is toured by foot, and includes some wading through water. In the rainy season the cave is visited on small rowboats.