Da Dung Mountain Caves

núi Đá Dựng

Useful Information

Location: Son My Commune, Ha Tien Town, Kien Giang Province. 8 km from the Cambodian border in the Gulf of Thailand. From Ha Tien Town 6 km on National Road 80 west towards Xa Xia border gate. At Thach Dong turn right and follow a winding road through karst towers for 2.8 km.
Fee: Adults VND 2,000.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours:
Address: Da Dung Mountain Caves.
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Da Dung Mountain, which is also known as Chau Nham Son Mountain or Bach Mountain (White Mountain), is a huge outcrop of limestone in the the flat plains of southern Vietnam. As a result of the warm and humid climate, the mountain of soluble rock is riddled with caves, actually the mountain itself is the result of the solution of a once much bigger outcrop of limestone. It is one of numerate karst towers in the area, about 100 m high and contains 14 different caves. The mountain and several of the caves are developed by paths and visited with a single park entrance fee. The full tour takes some time, we recommend a full day trip for this extraordinary sight. And there is a lott of walking in the hot and humid air required, take enough to drink with you.