Dalton Gang Museum and Escape Tunnel

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Location: Meade
Open: All year Mon-Sat 9-17, Sun 13-17. Closed on major holidays. [2007]
Fee: Adults USD 2. [2007]
Classification: SubterraneaTunnel
Guided tours:  
Address: Dalton Gang Hideout, 502 South Pearlette Street, Meade, KS 67864, United States, Tel: +1-620-873-2731.
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1892 house sold by Eva Dalton.



Dalton Gang Museum and Escape Tunnel is located in a house which was owned by Eva Dalton in the 1880s. She sold the house in 1892, but the secret tunnel below was discovered many years later by the new residents. The tunnel leads from the floorboards of the pantry to the barn, 29 m away. As everyboby may already have suggested: this tunnel was built by the Dalton Gang as an escape route.

Today the building beneath the former Dalton House contains the Dalton Gang Museum. It is run by Marc Ferguson, who guides visitors dressed like a cowboy. Part of the tour is the tunnel which was expanded to allow tourists access. Originally it required a grown man to hunch to get through.