Mystery Cave

Forestville/Mystery Cave State Park

Useful Information

Location: Forestville, Fillmore County. 10 km south of Wykoff. I-90, exit to Hwy 63 south, 40 km. Hwy 16 onto Fillmore County Highway 5, 6 km south, then 3 km east on Fillmore County 118 to the park entrance.
Open: Mid-APR to Memorial Day weekend 10-16.
Memorial Day to Labor Day daily 10-16.
Labor Day to mid-OCT weekend 10-16.
Fee: Adults USD 10, Children (5-12) USD 6, Children (0-4) free.
State Park vehicle permit USD 5.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave Speleologyriver cave, cave system
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: L=20,583 m, VR=30 m, A=396 m asl, T=9 °C.
Guided tours: V=130,000/a.
Address: Forestville/Mystery Cave State Park, 21071 County 118, Preston, MN 55965, Tel. +1-507-352-5111.
Mystery Cave, Tel: +1-507-937-3251
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1988 purchased as an addition to Forestville State Park.


Mystery Cave is a maze of linear corridors. It shows many dripstones and rare rimstone pools.

Forestville/Mystery Cave State Park is located within the karst region of Minnesota and exhibits many karst features. South Branch Root River sinks into Mystery Cave through gravel filled crevices in the river bed. Normally there is more water than the sinkholes swallow, but in dry times, the entire stream vanishes.

The tours to Mystery Cave sometimes depends on the weather. Due to heavy rains, the main entrance may be under water. When this happens, a limited schedule of tours may be available at the Minnesota Cavern Entrance.