Eagle Cave

Useful Information

Location: North of Hwy 60, near Blue River. Interstate 90 exit Madison, hwy 40 west, turn left at Gotham on Hwy 60, turn north before Blue River. Signposted.
Open: Memorial Day to Labor Day Tue-Fri 10-16, every hour on the hour, last tour 15, Sat-Sun 10-17, every half hour, last tour 16.
Fee: Adults USD 10, Children (6-17) USD 6, Seniors (65+) USD 66. Groups (20+): Adults $7.50, Children (6-17) $4.50, Seniors (65+) $4.50. [2003]
Classification: SpeleologyKarst Cave
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: T=11 °C, L=745 m.
Guided tours: D=60 min.
Address: Eagle Cave, 16320 Cavern Lane, Blue River, WI 53518, Tel: +1-608-537-2988.
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1849 discovered by Peter Kinder and an Irishman named Murphy.
1937 development started.
29-MAY-1938 opened to the public.


Eagle Cave was discovered in 1849 by Peter Kinder and an Irishman named Murphy, when they were chasing a bear. They had followed the bear tracks in dense snow from the river bottoms up the hill and into the woods to the cave entrance. The entrance hall is rather huge and was easy to access.

Several local businessmen formed a cave development corporation in spring 1937. They were granted permission by the State of Wisconsin to open the cave for the public. The development took only a year and it was inaugurated on 29-MAY-1938, being the first show cave of Wisconsin.

The cave has several large rooms and passageways, and some formations. It is called Wisconsins largest onyx cave which tells a bit about the size and formations of other Wisconsin caves. The cave is still entered through the original entrance, but it is left through a second entrance in a quarry.

The cave is a very popular place for boy (and girl) scouts and camping activities. A special feature is sleeping in the cave, on weekends the entrance hall hosts up to 250 people. The cave is not really cold, but the high humidity is a real problem. An air mattress or a cot is a really good idea.