Antelope Canyon

Corkscrew Canyon - Tse' bighanilini - Hasdestwazi

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Antelope Canyon
Antelope Canyon, public domain.
Location: Near Page, Arizona
Open: Entrance Fee Station: MAR to OCT daily 8-17.
NOV to FEB closed.
Guided tours all year.
Fee: General Admission: Adults USD 6, Children (0-7) free.
Navajo Tours: Upper Antelope Canyon: Adults USD 25, Children (5-11) USD 11.
Photography Tour: Adults USD 40.
Classification: GorgeGorge
Light: n/a
Dimension: Upper Antelope: A=1,220 m asl, D=36m
Guided tours:
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Lake Powell Navajo Tribal Park Office, Effie Yazzie, Park Manager, P.O. Box 4803, Page, AZ 86040, Tel: +1-928-698-2808, Fax: +1-928-698-2820. E-mail: contact
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Antelope Canyon
Antelope Canyon, public domain.
Antelope Canyon
Antelope Canyon in Arizona by Lucas Löffler.

Antelope Canyon is, what the Americans call a slot canyon. This is a narrow gorge cut into the rock with more or less constant width. The canyon is at some points 36 m deep, at the same time it is only a few meters wide.But what makes Antelope Canyon so special is the rock. Navajo sandstone with layers in all shades of red and light brown, combined with the sunlight flowing into the canyon at noon makes it the most astonishing sight of this state.

This place is owned and managed by the native Americans, the the LeChee Chapter of the Navajo Nation. The Navajo name for Upper Antelope Canyon is Tse' bighanilini which means the place where water runs through rocks. The name for Lower Antelope Canyon is Hasdestwazi which means spiral rock arches. The English name is due to the pronghorn antelope which once roamed freely in Antelope Canyon.

The Canyon is dry most of the year, but sometimes after one of the rare rains it floods. This makes any visit lethal. As a result visits are possible all year, but only with an authorized guide. Such guided tours must be reserved and may be cancelled in case of such weather conditions. The Navajo charge a for the visit of the canyon and the tour costs extra. Taking pictures is allowed but restricted to two hours. We have given the fee for a single operator, Navajo Tours. For detailed info on other operators see the official website.

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