Oylat Mağaraları

Oylat Cave

Useful Information

Location: 1km south of Hamiliye village. 17km southeast of Inegöl. At the exit of Oylat River canyon.
Classification: ExplainKarst cave
Light: electric.
Dimension: L=650m.
Guided tours: L=650m.
Address: Tel: +90-, Fax: +90-
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2008 opened to the public.


Oylat Mağaraları (Oylat Cave) is famous for its speleothems like stalactites, stalacmites, soda straws, flowstones and cave pearls. The cave contains a large colony of bats, a fact which is utilized to prohibit photography. The first part of the cave is a narrow passage with numerous speleothes, including rimstone dams, with a temperature of 17°C and a humidity of 78%. At the end of this passage lies the Big Debris Chamber. The cave becomes wide and high, the temperature changes to 14°C and a humidity of 90%. The floor is covered by large blocks of debris, hence the name, which are covered by huge stalagmites. The chamber offers numerous stalagmites, stalactites and pilars of enormous size.