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Location: 10 km upstream Lang River from Soppong. Pangmapha Amphoe. 77km from Mae Hong Son city. Route 1095, turn off between Km.138 and Km.139, small road 9km to cave.
Fee: Per group Baht 100. [2006]
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Dimension: L=1,000m.
Guided tours: L=1,000m.
Bibliography: Pindar Sidisunthorn, Simon Gardener, Dean Smart (2006): Caves Of Northern Thailand, 392 pp, over 900 colour photos, 106 caves described and surveyed. This book brings together these diverse aspects of caves in northern Thailand for the first time, with chapters on geology, archaeology, temples and folklore.
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Tham Lod. Public Domain.

Tham Lod is a river cave and through cave, the Lang River flows through. It is visited either by boat or by foot, in the latter case visitors get wet. Shan villagers guide visitors through the cave, providing the wooden boats and petrol lamps. The Shan are a tribe living in the northern part of Thailand.

Tham Lod translates through cave, the full name of the cave system is Tham Nam Lot, or Tham Lot Pang Mapha, as it is located in the Pang Mapha county. Beneath the through cave with its speleothems several other parts of the cave system can be visited with local guides. The entrances are nlot signposted, only narrow trails lead there, so a local guide is definitely necessary. One of the most famous parts of the cave system is Tham Phi Maen (Spirit Cave) which contained archaeological remains of the Hoabinhan, which lived here between 9,000 and 5,500 BC. It was excavated in the 1960s by Chester Gorman.

This cave receives of 100,000 visitors a year and is the main stay of the local economy. A well-organised system of local guides with lights are available. See the caves awesome caverns, prehistoric 1,700-year-old coffins and bamboo rafting. Experience the amazing Bird Show when 300,000 swifts return to nest in the cave each evening.

Text by Tony Oldham (2007). With kind permission.

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