Tham Khao No

Wat Khao No - Tham Khao Kaeo

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Location: Tambon Ban Khaen, Amphoe Banphot Phisai.
At the highway from Nakhon Sawan to Kamphaeng Phet, 45 km from Nakhon Sawan and 18 km from Kamphaeng Phet.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
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Address: Tham Khao No, Tel: +66-, Fax: +66-,
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Khao No is an impressive limestone mountain with steep walls, the temple Wat Khao Lo lies at its foot. A stairway leads up to the cave. A large Buddha sculpture sits in front.

The cave behind the statue is inhabited by an enormous amount of bats. In the evening they fly out of the cave to feed, creating a long curly black line in the night sky. A second cave nearby, Tham Khao Kaeo, produces a similar line of bats every evening.

King Rama V visited the temple and stayed overnight on the mountain. He travelled on a ship on the nearby Ping River. The province later built a monument to commemorate the event.