Jaskyňa Zlá Diera

Lipovecka Jaskyna - Zla Džura - Bad Pit

Useful Information

Location: Near Lipovce village. Branisko. Road number 18 (E50) from Presov to Poprad. Turn right before Fricovce towards Sindliar and Lipovce villages. Between Lipovce and Lacnov, 2 km behind Lipovce is a parking lot. 15 min walk to the cave.
Open: MAY to OCT daily 8:30-19. [2004]
Fee: Adults Sk 70, Children (12-18) EUR 40, Children (3-11) EUR 30.
Camera Sk 20, Vide Sk 50.
Groups (10+): Adults Sk 30.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: carbide lamps (provided).
Dimension: T=7 °C.
Guided tours: L=40 min.
Address: Rudolf Kosc, Exnarova 33, 08001 Presov, Tel: +421-91-51867, +421-0905-237565 (mobile) E-mail: contact
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2003 opened to the public.


Jaskyňa Zlá Diera (Bad Pit) is also know in the local dialect as Zla Džura. The cave is a rather new show cave, with well done paths but still rather rough. There are wooden ladders to climb and there is no electric light. Visitors are equipped with helmets and carbide lamps. Walking shoes and warm clothes are recommended. Nevertheless, there is no age restriction, the owner tells that he already had visitors between 6 weeks and 84 years of age. The cave is not exactly difficult, it is more a matter of a little physical fitness.