Národný park Slovenský Raj

Slovak Paradise National Park

The Národný park Slovenský Raj (Slovak Paradise National Park) is a mountain range in Eastern Slovakia which is the eastern end of the Low Tarta. Located between the towns of Spišská Nová Ves in the north and Dobšiná in the southis particularly known for its gorges and waterfalls. 90% of the park are covered by forest and there are over 900 species of plants. It is roamed by red deer, wild boars, wolves, brown bear, golden eagle and black stork.

The best access for the park is from Spišská Nová Ves. There is a tourist office which provides info and maps, and Podlesok and Hrabušice píla can be reached by car and bus. The gorges have trails with elevated walkways and ladders, wooden and metal, and ropes and chains along the wall, but no railings. But the trails are very narrow, so passage through the gorges is allowed only in the upward direction against the stream. When you reach the upper end you must return on one of the numerous forest roads. At Klastorisko and at the Suchá Belá crossroad are bike hire huts which are open daily from MAY to OCT. Bikes are carried up on trailers every morning and can be hired downhill to Podlesok only.