Otoska Jama

Otok Cave

Useful Information

Location: In Postojna, 3km from the centre. From Postojna exit follow road to the city, after 1km turn right into Postojna. In Postojna city center turn left, follow road for about 2km. Small single lane track 100m before the turnoff to Pivka Jama. Not signposted. Tour meet at Postojnska Jama. 50km south of Ljubljana.
Open: Only after appointment. At least 3 visitors, at most 30. [2003]
Fee: Per Person SIT 1,440. [2003]
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: electric.
Guided tours: D=60min.
Address: Postojnska Jama - Tourizem, Jamska cesta 30, 6230 Postojna, Tel: +386-5-7000100, Fax: +386-5-7000130.
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